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It was the allure of being a syndicated cartoonist that first pulled me into the creative world — all because of a Garfield book that was plopped into my lap when I was 8 years old.

From that early cartoon strip infatuation, I grew a healthy appetite for anything entertainment-related, which in turn led to an even bigger appetite for wanting to create it myself. Now, whenever I experience a film, book, TV show, commercial, website, video game or (ahem) cartoon strip, I can't help but analyze it from all angles. “How would I have done that differently? Why did that work so well? Why didn't it?”

Now, as the Creative Director for a best selling author's management consulting agency, I believe it's my analytical sense that's helped to give me a bit of an edge. I was tragically born without an off switch, so I can't help but to apply “on” to everything I get involved in. If I see something that really works, I'll spend some time figuring out why — if I see something that doesn't, I'll do the same.

It boils down to the fact that I love creating. I love tinkering with ideas alongside creative people I can learn from, and I love collaborating with people I can mentor. I'm never one to back down from a challenge — especially when the goal is to create an engaging and entertaining experience for an audience. With sprinkles.

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